Muslim, unschooling mother, an autodidact and a polymath. I am always hungry to learn new things and would love to work alongside people who are working on new ideas.


Below are a few chatbots that I have created recently.

Guards Clocking Bot for PC Tactical - Created a unique Telegram bot offering easy to use and elegant solution for security guards clocking without using any special hardware.
Tajweed Bot - Created a Twitter bot which tweets out an image from AWS S3 bucket every eight hours. The bot is run completely serverless with AWS Lambda. It is an open source project and the code can be found here.
Help SA Medbot - Created a simple bot for Facebook Messenger and Telegram to find the nearest hospitals, doctors and pharmacies around you.
PC Tactical Panic Bot - Created a Telegram bot to send a panic alarm to your security company along with your location. Made specifically for PC Tactical
RegBot - Created a Telegram bot for Help SA to look up a vehicle number plate in the database of BOLO vehicles.
Aqua Coral Order Bot - Created an order and enquiry bot for Aqua Coral, suppliers of premium drinking water.
Demo Bike Shop Appointment Bot - Created a Telegram bot using Dialogflow for natural language processing, to book appointments for bike repairs in an imaginary bike shop.

Other Projects

Apart from the chatbots, below are some of the other projects I have worked on.

Web Scraper with Python - Created a simple Python script and GUI to scrape images from websites using Python.
Learning Blockchain - Maintaining and contributing to a growing list of resources including MOOCs, books and podcasts to learn Blockchain development through self-study.
Pathway to Arabic Created a self-study pathway to learning Classical Arabic. The site is made using Hugo static site generator.
Pc Tactical Website Created a website for the security company, PC Tactical.
KRA Flyer Designed a creative way to encourage people to contribute towards the residents' association of a local neighborhood.

Skills & Proficiency

Chatbots Development

Flask & Django





Python for Data Science