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I am a Muslim, unschooling mother. Student of Quran. I am an autodidact. I taught myself Quranic Arabic, computer programming and web development. Currently I am learning Data Science and Blockchain development. When not bullying my brain into learning something new, I like to bake sourdough bread and grow vegetables.

What I Do

I Have My Fingers In Many Pies

Pearl Coral Group

I am the co-owner of Pearl Coral Group of Companies, house of PC Tactical, Pearl Coral Urban Solution, and Aqua Coral.

Creative Melon

Creative Melon offers solution to all the modern day digital needs. We make chatbots, websites, digital and print media and help you move your business to cloud.


ShiftClick is an educational technology magazine. It's a digital magazine free for everyone to read or download. It shares resources on topics like problem solving, computer science, web and media literacy, design, collaboration, trans-media writing, etc.

Help SA

Help SA is our family non-profit. We believe in empowering people. We believe in helping them to help themselves. We believe in freeing them from "taking" and help them be the "givers".

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Some Of My Ongoing Projects

My Tech Blog

My tech blog, where I share my journey as an autodidact in the fields of computer science, programming, data science, machine learning and blockchain.

Niqabi Coder Mum Blog

My blog where I write about being a niqabi, an autodidact, a parent and much more. Also a place where I share my reflections on Quran.

Pathway to Arabic

A pathway to learn Quranic Arabic through self-study. Here I share all the resources which I myself have used in learning Quranic Arabic.

Bitesize Lessons in Tajweed

Bitesize lessons in tajweed alQuran shared daily on three different channels: Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.

Learning Blockchain

A growing list of resources including MOOCs, online courses, books and tutorials to learn the Blockchain development through self-study.

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